Good Will Ambassadors

SMILE GOOD WILL AMBASSADORS are the Women Who have been concerned about Hygiene and are those who have done the work in the area of Hygiene in their own Locality, WHE Salutes these extraordinary Women and Provide them the platform to carry their thoughts and Hygiene Ideas to Consumers.

Dr. Pranita Patil Nashik
The Goal Of Hygiene promotion is to help people develop good hygiene practices to prevent diseases and promote positive attitude towards good health. Hygiene promotion is not the matter of simply providing information, it is more a dialogue with communities to promote hygiene and related health problems. WHE Global is targeting the young adult girls who seriously need hygiene education in India and organizing a team of Doctors to understand the specific need of these girls and helping them be more aware. Great Job Indeep, I wish WHE all the very best
Shalini DhawanPrincipal Giggles School – Punjab
I have been running the School for last 21 years and encouraging Women to be economically progressive. In our school, we even inspire Women to take up Jobs like that of school drivers. While our Country is progressing rapidly and Lot of work is being done by government and non-government bodies, The Economic divide between men and Women is very high. I therefore sincerely feel the WHE,S WOMEN EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE is the magnificent idea of giving Business Opportunities to Women. Also while several companies are marketing Hygiene products, not many of them impart hygiene education in a structured way. WHE doctors imparting hygiene talks is the Noble initiative. I therefore sincerely feel that the Women empowerment initiative of WHE Global is the magnificent idea .
Nirmal KhannaMentor Mount View School - Dehra Dun
I have been in the Filed of Education for past 37 years, Apart from running the school, I have been trying to help Women of my town, to be self-employed in the filed of Stitching, beauty etc. In my work as the Mentor and Teacher, I have realized that there is an urgent need to support women Socially and economically. WHE is launching Hygiene Products and making Women exclusive SMILE DISTRIBUTORS. This initiative will go a long way in imparting Hygiene education I wish TEAM WHE great future . Truly great … WHE SMILE .