Smile Expert Talk

Our Hygiene experts are team of  Gynaecologist formally educated and specialized in Menstrual cycles. They help Women understand their period and empowerment them with information and general hygiene awareness.

Some of our expert advice :

Eat High fiber low fat food during periods, this help lower the estrogen levels in the body. High fiber food also helps the body get rid of excess Substances , body waste

  • Be aware  when your periods arrive , how long do they last , how energy levels fluctuates , , Bowels movements , sex drive , moods , craving , sleeps
  • Just being aware help manage the periods better.
  • We call Vitamin D period Vitamin .
  • Vitamin D deficiency may result in irregular periods .  May lead to infertility and development of polycystic ovary syndrome .
  • Do get yourself tasted regularly Vitamin D ,If Found deficient under Medical advise , take Vitamin D supplements   Fish Oil and Morning Sun exposure .
  • Your periods might  come back between 6 to 18 months after giving birth , this might be same as before  or heavy with blood clots .
  • It is advisable to do complete thyroids tests or check hormonal balance . Do eat dark leafy vegetables and healthy fats such avocado .
  • Good rest is very essential in these times
  • During your periods your body is losing key nutrients .
  • Eat Magnesium rich food , It is the Magic during periods
  • Eat leafy green Vegetables , like Spinach , Broccoli , or under the doctors advice take the magnesium supplements
  • Good Rest during period is the absolute must make your bedroom as dark as possible . Reduce the room exposure to screen lights eight hours of  sound sleep can act as magic.
  • Very essential to manage stress .
  • Learn to handle daily routine with a plan .
  • Learn to de –stress  once or twice a day
  • Good  exercise and yoga foe peace help

During this periods energy levels are high .  Higher sex drive , increase ability to be bold etc . One can increase level of exercise and physical activities.