Smile Supply Chain Management

Factory to Super Distributor

WHE will arrange to transport the goods from Factory to the Super Distributor.

Super Distributor to Smile Distributors

Super Distributor will provide a minimum of two monthly free deliveries to the Smile distributors subject to minimum order quantity. Such a minimum order quantity and the delivery day will be communicated in advance by the Super Distributor to the Smile Distributor.
In case of the orders below the minimum order quantity, Smile Distributors may make their own arrangements for collecting the goods from Super Distributor Warehouse.

Smile Distributor to Consumer or retailer

It will be the responsibility of the Smile Distributor to ensure goods are delivered to Consumers or retailers.

Order Management & payment system

Super Stockist will place the order along with the advance payment to WHE minimum 4 days before the desired delivery day. Upon realization of the payment WHE will arrange to deliver the goods within 3 days. Smile Super Distributor will be also required to provide Quarterly rolling order forecast.

Smile Distributor will place the order on the Super Distributor as per the minimum agreed quantities along with advance payment two days before the pre-agreed delivery day. Super Distributor will be ensured goods are delivered as per the Schedule.

Pricing Management system

The Pricing from the WHE to the Super Distributor, Smile Distributor, Retailer, and Consumer will be communicated in writing as and when required and it will be the responsibility of the Super Distributor to ensure pricing implementation with in his territory.
Super Distributor and the Smile distributor will be required to display the applicable pricing on the Noticeboard all the time.

Identification system for Smile Super Distributor and Smile Distributors ( CODES ) and territories.

Super Distributor code

Super Distributor will be one or more district level distributor hence their code will be first three letters of the state, followed by first three letters of the district, followed by the postal code of the place of work and the count of a number of a super stockist in the district last as the digit. Example the Super distributor based in Fatorda South Goa will have the following code.
GOA= GOA+SOUTH=SOU + POSTAL CODE =403602 and super distributor count in south Goa i.e 1 hence his identity code will be GOANOR4036021. the territory of the super distributor will be his district or lesser than the district as pre-agreed with the company.

Smile Distributor Code and Territory

Smile Distributor code system will be the same as super distributor including her pin code and count of Smile Distributors within the pin code as a last digit. There will not be more than 4 Smile Distributors within the pin code.